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ROMANIA / Bucharest / 21.02.09..Chinese workers queue in line for food across from the Chinese Embassy...Hundreds of Chinese immigrants are currently stuck in Romania after their work contracts with construction firms here were suddenly terminated in late January. They expected to make at least 800 Euros per month, or double what they can make in China as agricultural laborers. About 80 of them are camped out under plastic sheeting in front of the Chinese Embassy hoping to get some kind of help. During the day, hundreds more are joining them to stage a protest. They paid a Chinese broker 10,000 Euros a piece for the lucrative four year construction contracts and are hoping to get reimbursed in order to be able to buy tickets home. The immigrants are relying upon the help of generous Romanians who pull up and deliver food from their cars. The economic crisis hit Romania just as many of the immigrants arrived in November. ..© Davin Ellicson / Anzenberger